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🦄Skittles🐌 By AlyssaCherryblossoms Updated Feb 05, 2018

lyuki Manami was walking home from school one day.
As usual she was walking by her apartment,when suddenly she heard a fainted noise.

Curiousity got the better of her as she looked around to see where was the noise coming from.
She quickly spotted a small animal laying across from her apartment door.
The furry black animal had a potato chip bag stuck on its head.

She starts to worry for the poor animal being all alone in front of her apartment,so she  swiftly picks him up in her arms.
She easily takes off the plastic bag from the kitten and she tosses it on the ground.

Iyuki pink eyes slowly widened as she notices that she was holding a kitten.
The kitten was meowing and slighty shaking.
She starts to panick as she rushes to take the kitten with her inside of her apartment.

Little does she know that this kitten she saved would change her life forever.

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