A Practice in Patience

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R.D. Hero By RoughDraftHero Updated 3 years ago
James Norrington, man of honor. Jack Sparrow, man of something else entirely. Hint: It isn't honor. slash
The idea of any romance between the two characters is quite off putting because norington isn't exactly the prettiest of people to lay eyes on and jack has disgusting teeth- scurvy I guess
I've never actually seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I'm still enjoying this!  It makes me want to watch the actual movies.  :)
Thank you for writing some slash! I haven't meet anyone else on wattpad who has done it so well! :)
I like it, funny yet you still get the charater dwn well so good
Sparrow is definitely planning something i mean.. he´s Jack, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow xD
                                    It´s fun to see this story from Norrington´s POV, never thought about him the way you´ve described him :D