Teardrops (NaLu fanfic)

Teardrops (NaLu fanfic)

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Kendrea Wakeham By NaLu_23457 Completed


He walked closer making his way towards me. My heart fell as I knew he was about to do something that would make me cry. What happenbto the person who promised to always protect me?

Where's the happy-go-lucky person who had made my dreams come tye and brought me to this place?

His face held the emotion of regret and sadness. He stopped infront of my table and looked me in the eyes. "Lucy we need to talk", he said in a low voice. Before I could muster a response he grabbed my hand dragging me outside. Everything inside me screamed to make this stop. 

"Were kicking you off the team so that Lissanna can take your place" he said. Everything cracked and I did the one thing I never knew I could do.

    iamflour iamflour May 08
    Kick him in the balls. Smack him to the ocean. Bitch slap him to edolas. Elbow his guts. Cut him up with my chainsaw.
    Her mother is already dead, her father abuses her but then you broke her into pieces!
    XxNemoxX15 XxNemoxX15 Jun 20, 2016
    Honestly there is no books that are like Lucy being ignored where Lisanna is a good person
    ClarissaStanley8 ClarissaStanley8 Jan 11, 2016
    Little Mermaid thing :o and of course tell her after doing it!!
    NaLuChan200 NaLuChan200 Aug 05, 2015
    FUK U LISANNA U WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN I BTCH!!! *note: I'm crying from reading the summary*
    Tintin1112 Tintin1112 May 15, 2015
    No you Natsu......ang panget mo........girls hulihin siya....