Haylee and the Last Traveler - Introductory Chapters

Haylee and the Last Traveler - Introductory Chapters

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Lisa Redfern By LisaRedfern Updated Feb 14

Lost Love. Intense friendship chemistry. Paranormal time-travel romance.

After spending a year in San Francisco's past, Haylee returns to her northern California farmhouse.  Some things are different; she's about to become a mother. Some things haven't changed; the people she hurt still need 24/7 care.  

Haylee brought something back from 1850. It could cure them, but at a horrible cost.   

Intelligent characters with a sense of purpose power this sharp-edged tale in a real world 1980's setting.

 While on her paradigm-shifting journey, Haylee struggles with atonement for unforgivable violations, reconciliation of a lost love, jealousy, and ensuring her child's guardianship... in case her time runs out.   

Illumination of life's most essential matters, humor, and psychic animal communications fill the spaces between the twists and turns of this otherworldly adventure.      

This is the second part of Haylee's story. It can be read as a stand-alone.  Haylee and the Traveler's Stone is where it all begins. 

Haylee and the Last Traveler - book #2  - http://amzn.to/2Bdwxt0
Haylee and the Traveler's Stone - book #1 - http://amzn.to/2sqkSaQ

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Bonnie95949 Bonnie95949 Jul 08, 2017
I am really imaging chaos and pain! A terrified panic taking over.  The word "patterns" brings to my mind something like organized, or orderly, or predictable .
Bonnie95949 Bonnie95949 Jul 08, 2017
Starting 'your parents came to collect you' I got confused because I forgot who Gene was talking to.   I think it had been awhile since I was oriented to the fact that he was talking to Jason.  But then Jason's name appeared in the next paragraph so it's probably OK.
Bonnie95949 Bonnie95949 Jul 08, 2017
The "occurrence" - did Reece know it was going to happen? I got stuck on the word and had to think about it for awhile and try to understand why it seemed like an understatement about  a huge disaster.  Several chapters later I realized maybe he knew the fire was going to happen.