BBS One-Shots & Smuts (Request Are CLOSED)

BBS One-Shots & Smuts (Request Are CLOSED)

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Miami Mayfair By Forcimeter Completed

Hey guyz, it' Slug. This is my second One-shot and smut book. My last one was horrible so I'm making a new one that I will actually put effort into. Feel free to request a ship or an Idea. 

Contains: Smut, X Readers, Ships, and some other dank stuff.

Requests are closed

Please don't forget to vote and comment on chapters, it really makes me happy when somebody votes on a chapter or leaves a dumb comment. If you like this book, feel free to check out my other ones :P

~ s l u g

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The_Gossiper The_Gossiper Dec 29, 2017
Are you.. are you kidding me..? I just... HOW COULD YOU EVER THINK OF PLAYING MARIO KART WITH HIM!!!!????!!?!?!? WHAT. lol. what. omg i cant even *mini's basic white girl voice*
Deme123456789 Deme123456789 Jun 29, 2017
Brian: I played Mario Kart with him. 
                              Brock: What? I thought you had sex with him.
                              😂😂I laughed so hard.
YouTubbs4884 YouTubbs4884 Aug 17, 2017
My brain was late to register "back" and i almost choked on my food :x