Rookie {Completed}

Rookie {Completed}

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rebecca By gyllnhaal Completed

Isabelle Neele has not been loved for a long part of her life. Abused and abandoned by her parents, Isabelle is shipped to an orphanage where she is adopted by a wealthy family. 

She soon finds out that her adoptive  mother used to be and Olympic Rider, sparking Isabelle's interest in horses. She gets signed up for lessons and adopts a beautiful Friesian named Onyx. 

However, strange events start happening when Isabelle is put in a higher level. 
A person in her backyard, strange notes on her door... Not only does Isabelle have to give it her all in riding but she has to find out who is doing all these bizarre things and why...


[thank you for all the support! 
because this book has been written awhile ago, there will be the occasional mistake. please also take time to read my last author's note, thank you!]

  • action
  • horse
  • love
  • mystery
  • riding
dawnofwolves dawnofwolves Sep 11, 2017
I love the beginning it is so dramatic and it pulls a reader's atention to the passage
Savannahcamp0223 Savannahcamp0223 Nov 16, 2017
I have also started writing a horse story! I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could take a look! :)
0TheGirlOverThere0 0TheGirlOverThere0 May 08, 2017
Oh gosh.  At the farm I ride at, there was a haftlinger pony named Archer. XD
DancingFriesian11 DancingFriesian11 Jun 30, 2016
Whoa. Was not ecpecting a very interesting prologue. Hmm I thi k I found another book that I will enjoy!
abbie_persson abbie_persson Apr 02, 2015
My friend Jaquie is looking at a four year old fresian called Onyx!!!! That is such a coincedince !!!!
xPrestigiousWolfx xPrestigiousWolfx Mar 01, 2015
Very promising introduction! I think I will enjoy this story. Especially since it includes dressage, my favorite XD