Sex With The Alpha

Sex With The Alpha

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The_Wolf_Gurl By The_Wolf_Gurl Updated Jan 20, 2014

Chapter One

I was in my room, doing my doodle of a wolf, and then I hear the sweet sound of wolves howling. I shove my sketch pad and pencil off of my lap, run downstairs, and out the door. I run into the forest. I finally see the wolves howling near an elk carcass. 

-CRACK!- I hear the sound of a twig snapping behind me. It was a three foot tall black wolf with shiny yellow eyes. It stepped towards me. Thinking it would attack me, I step back. It whimpers to tell me it's no harm. I get close enough so that I could pet it. "You're nice, and cute. You would never harm me." It starts growling. I figured out what it was growling at: a grey wolf behind me.

The black wolf leaps at the grey wolf, knocking it off the grey wolf's paws. The grey wolf stabs the black wolf with its canines in the stomach. The black wolf did the same, but this time in the neck. It was getting very bloody.

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