The China Doll Chronicles ✔

The China Doll Chronicles ✔

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L.B. Jade By LB_Jade Updated Oct 06, 2017

"Do one thing every day that scares you."--Eleanor Roosevelt.

Amy Pang lives off of Oreos and the Internet. She's made peace with the fact that she'll turn into an overstuffed couch potato before her twenties. But then her favorite art blogger challenges her followers to do one thing that scares them every day, and Amy decides to step up to the challenge. How hard can this be when she lives in perpetual fear just coexisting with her satanic Chinese father?

Thanks to sixteen miserable years of being the chub queen, closet artist, and family disappointment, she's prepared for this project to turn into another failure. What she isn't prepared for is for a whole new world of 'maybe's. Like maybe she can save her dwindling animation club. Maybe she can survive off edible cardboard and lose the weight. Maybe she can prove herself worthy to her angry Asian father--and, above all, to herself. Or maybe putting her heart on her sleeve will end with the cold, cruel world stomping it into pieces. 

With the pressure on her, will this china doll shatter? Or will she prove, once and for all, that she can be everything she's ever wanted to be--and more?

*Beautiful cover designed by @korralistic!
CL #16 on 10/4/17

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