Ready, Set, Love (Hayes Grier FanFic)

Ready, Set, Love (Hayes Grier FanFic)

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it was just a photoshopped picture that was found on twitter.
happy endings only happened in movies

hayes+kylie = hylie


**I am warning you now that none of these chapters are edited. PLUS the beginning is CRAPPY. So be prepared for crappy chapters. But I promise, it gets better when you go deeper into the story. Ok Thanks for reading!*

MandM418 MandM418 Jan 02
Awe, that was very, very brave of him. He's gonna grow up to be a good person with a heart of gold. One of those people who deserve the world.
MandM418 MandM418 Jan 02
I'm gonna read it soo....sorry not sorry. Sounds amazing, love❤
xo_ky_xo xo_ky_xo Aug 18, 2016
So that would be my ship name with him. Nice to know😂😂 my name is Kylie so Yas
teegs121 teegs121 Oct 01, 2016
Wow just has to be Turner 🙄 soz my ex besties last name is Turner
Loolee88 Loolee88 Sep 27, 2016
When I was going to myrtle beach with my friend, and when we were passing through North Carolina, I opened my window and started waving saying "HI NASH HI HAYES wait you don't live here anymore......hmmmm........ HI SKYLNN