Bolt {Louis Tomlinson AU}

Bolt {Louis Tomlinson AU}

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By day, Athena Bolton attends the University of New York, majoring in photography. She's a nerd; the know-it-all. But behind the thick rimmed glasses and books, she's more than meets the eye.

Because when the night falls, she's Bolt, New York's Most Wanted Criminal. New York Police tremble at her name. No one has ever tried to stop her terror.

Until Thunder, the unknown masked crusader with piercing blue eyes begins to roam the busy streets, saving those who Bolt is assigned to "take out."

What happens when she meets the man behind the mask?

When hatred turns to love, everything Athena ever knew gets difficult. Even if it means saving the life of her arch-nemesis. 

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ximagines1d ximagines1d Nov 15, 2015
Ok, I'm completely creeped out  Everytime I walk home from school, I think of the same story and now I see someone wrote it... I'm really creeped out
party_anthems party_anthems Mar 09, 2015
Damn Logan I thought  u did a 2nd epilogue or smthin.  Way to disappoint gurl