My knight in shining shorts

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Vicki By vickiangel8 Updated 3 years ago
When you meet the one. Your life changes forever. I met the one. He was supposed to save me... Instead he hurt me the most. Does true love really conquer all?
I liked how you started the chapter with a really good hook! Making me wonder what will stick in my head forever?!?!?!?! Anyway, very descriptive and well written! :D Good job! lol, keep it going (: xx
I am intrigued. Looks like this could be good. Added to my library!
Your characters are very relatable and appealing, you main character in particular. You dialogue is very authentic and well crafted. I know that teens will love your story. Nice read!
I really loved the beginning; it got my attention right away and made me want to read more, so well done there. The plot seems very interesting so far. Can't wait to read on =)
Minus the caps and the "soooo" this was a brilliant start, love the original idea, keep it up!
                                    Sorry for not getting to this earlier >.
Hi, let me first of start by saying I think this was a really good start :)
                                    A couple things: Instead of using CAPS use italics (it's more professional.) Also your capitalization of I, inconstant (easy fix.) So yeah, you got my vote :)