Rise of ShadowStar

Rise of ShadowStar

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ltheironicdetective By ltheironicdetective Updated Jan 08, 2014

      The black she-cats pelt moved in the breeze, her ice blue eyes where fixed on her dead leader that was at her paws. His final words ringing in her ears, "lead the clan with great courage Shadowpelt" then he was gone.

A large brown tabby tom bristled, "I was supposed to be leader!" he hissed with betrayal. Shadowpelt bared her teeth, "AmberStar's final wish was for me to be leader and I want to anwser his final call" she hissed at the former deputy.

A small totrishell she-cat slowley padded to Shadowpelt's side, "You never doubted AmberStar in life, why doubt him now then Thornclaw?" the medicine cat questioned softly. Thornclaw glared at her, "He was going mad with sickness Breezeflower!" the tom retorted. Shadowpelt narrowed her eyes at Thornclaw and stated, "Imagine AmberStar's final choice ripping apart everything he worked so hard for.." she stated.

Thornclaw raked his claws through the thick layer of frost coated leaves then propelled himself twords Shadowpelt. Shadowpelt...

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