An Arranged Marriage

An Arranged Marriage

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Jacob Quizon and Heart Zapanta were both from rich families in the fashion industry. Their parents had arranged them to be married.

Such arranged marriage had caused a business colleague to  go against  the Zapantas.  After their wedding, their parents died on a yacht explosion. Jacob and Heart were supposed to be the ones of that yacht. 

With Heart's life in danger and the company her parents left behind on the brink of  falling apart, how will Jacob and Heart be able to work out their "arranged marriage" and save the company?

The characters, places and events are all just part of the author's imagination. Although some people, places and events exist in the real world, if some events are beyond the truth then that's what fiction is all about! 

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VicaMore VicaMore Sep 25, 2017
Didn't Mus's Chengs sister just die in the explosion?  They both have the same last name as Dy.
VicaMore VicaMore Sep 26, 2017
That'[s what i thought, so they tried to kill their nephew but instead killed the sister/aunt/sister in law
FrostJongHyun FrostJongHyun Jun 06, 2017
What is there in Israel/palestine that she spent her summer there😂😂😂?
JoyLedesma7 JoyLedesma7 Jun 28, 2017
Z😚😊, 2,*2, can we zs 😊🌏🏥🏤O:-)🌎🏠o lol can. RO:-)=_=:-P:-P=_=O:-)O:-)=_=:-P:-P:-PO:-):-$:-\:-\:-$O:-)=_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_=:-|O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-):-$:'((TT)(TT)(TT):-$:-\.🏤
Reiiplier Reiiplier Apr 15, 2016
Oh Israel is also known as Palestine my father was born there and I'm going there this summer. I can't wait to go back and see my family.
pulis57 pulis57 Aug 08, 2015
sobrang daming names to focus on the main characters!
                              sobrang yaman nila.. kainggit po!