My mysterious billionare

My mysterious billionare

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katielovesdwayne By katielovesdwayne Updated Mar 14, 2015

My day at work had been long, exhausting, and tiring. 

The boss had been away today in which I was thankful to as I wasn't putting my best effort in todays shift. i was too exhausted from last nights restless sleep.

I checked my phone as I walked through the front door and as usual it had a message from my next door neighbour saying that Ben had been at my home drunk and looking for me calling out my name. I frowned as this had been happening for the past two weeks and we broke up three years ago.

I walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water to help relieve my headache since i didnt have any panadole before heading off to bed.

I woke up the sound of my alarm clock at five am and went to hit the snooze button, but instead missed it completely and tumbled out of bed and onto the tiled floor tangled in my blankets. With a curse I got up, threw the alarm clock at the wall and jumped into the cool and refreshing shower waking me up ready for work. after beautifying myself in just ...