Crescent Love

Crescent Love

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Crescent Moon By Mikazuki2017 Updated 3 days ago

Crescent Love

Alternate Title: 三日月の愛, Mikazuki No Ai

Author: Renkun26

Graphic Designer: KainGuru

Proofreaders and Editors: KainGuru, chiangyushien, FoxyJung, KrisLo89

Category: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, Humor, Boy's Love, Mature

Length: 200 chapters

Synopsis: Kichirō Ishikawa, together with his family, moved to Kyoto from Tokyo a few years ago. He wanted to move on from his dark past and decided to seclude himself from others by building a wall around himself. He became an introvert. A loner.

He stopped schooling for a year, after graduating from Senior High, to recover from his depression. He made a decision to take nursing classes to ease his feud with his mother.

Ryū Ueno, a rich, smart, and popular basketball player from their university, started to take notice of our nerdy Kichirō.

Will they end up being together? Or will the past and future misfortunes break them apart?

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McInYourNightmare McInYourNightmare Aug 07, 2017
whoa overload of cuteness..I can't breathe.. how come I didn't discover this guy until now? must be too much of k-pop addiction
McInYourNightmare McInYourNightmare Aug 07, 2017
well i'm not being a critic but I'll just pretend he looks exactly like K-pop idol Mingyu of Seventeen
pia19701995 pia19701995 Nov 26, 2017
Wow...this sounds interesting...m looking forward to reading this novel...♥️
dfaans dfaans Feb 06 Yang yang...lolol
                              As for me i would change this second Uke to Baekhyun EXO huahhahhahaa
McInYourNightmare McInYourNightmare Aug 07, 2017
Foxyjung? you mean like foxyjung from the manga totally captivated? well i'd be damned😆😆😄😄😊😊
MQuimio MQuimio Mar 04
This is my first time commenting on this. Hahaha! I ignored and stuck this story to the bottom of my library. Hahahaha! 😂