Haruhi's Old Friend (Kyoya Ootori : OHSHC)

Haruhi's Old Friend (Kyoya Ootori : OHSHC)

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Caitlin The Goblin Queen By Claire_201 Updated Feb 15, 2014

Hanako's POV

"Thank you Suoh" 

Walking down the corridor I put my hands in my pockets as I listened to the silence, before I heard giggling.

Stopping I turned and stared at the door in confusion as I heard more and more giggles, in curiosity I opened the door and then stared at the rose petals in shock - until I inhaled one.

Turning my back I coughed, getting it out I wiped my tongue on jumper sleeve before I turned and stare at the room and gaped at the fact some twins were almost making out, "Er..."

Suddenly someone noticed me and glass shattered.

Everyone's head's turned to see some brunette boy staring at me in shock with a tea cup shattered on the floor.


"Haru-chan?" I stared at him - her in confusion before she ran over me and tackled to me to the ground.

"Haru-chan!" I laughed as she tried to squeeze the life out of me as I laughed at her, before I squeezed her back, "Oh how I missed my little innocent Haruhi" I giggled as Haruhi jabbed my side.

"Excuse ...