HUSTLE (Camren)

HUSTLE (Camren)

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On June 3rd, 2018, Camila Cabello, an international drug smuggler, is brought to justice with a tip from a rival group. Due to face a year sentence in prison she meets many new faces. New to the prison she is easily a target because her petite size and baby face. 

Lauren Jauregui is currently serving her own 2 year sentence for running a brothel upstate to government officials and high end buyers. Giving names of those men who purchased girls from her, the sentence was lessen. She is a complete bad ass when need be but no one want to fuck with her. She can also get anything from the outside smuggled in... for a favor.

Ally Brooke, an even tinier girl is serving time for assault and battery on her best friends boyfriend. He beat the shit out of her good friend repeatedly so she took matter into her own hands. The once sweet and innocent girl snapped. After numerous group meetings and counseling they concluded Ally did indeed just have an episode. Or did she...

Normani Kordei,...

  • ally
  • brooke
  • cabello
  • camila
  • camren
  • dinah
  • fifth
  • harmony
  • jane
  • jauregui
  • kordei
  • lauren
  • nomani
--Incognito25-- --Incognito25-- Nov 28, 2017
Me when I enter my classroom late .......Wtf everyone has to stair until I get to my beanch
likeasnowstorm likeasnowstorm Jul 16, 2017
*sighs but clicks anyways* 😂 the camren fandom is so predictable 😂
Okay so,
                              Camila sells weed
                              Lauren sells chicks
                              Ally beat up her bffs boy toy
                              Normani was drunk driving 
                              And Dinah robbed banks disguised as a man...
Camren818 Camren818 Apr 15, 2017
😂I'm straight up imagining mani furiously stabbing her pile of mashed potatoes over and over.😂
KAppsLock KAppsLock Dec 10, 2016
Since I'm a black girl who doesn't actively think about other black people as dark skinned, everytime Normani is referred to as "the dark skinned girl" in stories I always imagine her as a muhfucking shadow 😂