Mr and Mrs Billionaire  ✔️

Mr and Mrs Billionaire ✔️

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Lucy Grahams , a young teenager who lives a normal life thinks that her world had come to an end. She then finds a new family who are billionaires. She does not believe in love.
Darren Smith, a young billionaire who is known as the cold, heartless and arrogant does not believe in love or relationships. 
Both billionaires do not believe in love but what will happen when both of them meet face to face? Will Darren accept Lucy for her past. Will he be the key to Lucy's heart when she locked her heart and threw the key away. 
                         Join Darren and Lucy's amazing love adventure to find out.
After a while I woke up and was immediately greeted by a pair of warm brown eyes. Our eyes locked and I couldn't help but break eye contact with him. I then looked up to his face and decided to study his facial features. His hair had matched with his eyes. His jawline was so sharp that it could have cut me. God why is he so good looking! I then moved my eyes down to his lips. Good lord! How could a man be ever so perfect?

"Are you done drooling over me Ms Grahams?" His voice was so deep and husky. Oh my god! He's perfect. I started to blush and look down at the floor. I then realised that I was in a very bad sleeping position. I straightened myself against the chair and dust my shirt trying to act formal.

"W-what d-do you m-mean?" I tried to change the topic.

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6GirlThatPlays9 6GirlThatPlays9 Oct 01, 2017
I just read the first few sentences... I saw « meeeeh » and « yaaaaas » and I knew this was the book that I was gonna read over and over again for the rest of my lifeeeee ❤️