My classmate's a vampire

My classmate's a vampire

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Sad lil girl By darkloving_ Completed

He's different. Really different. She liked him but once she finds out his dirty secret she's not so sure. She already has things going on in her family and doesn't need extra crap in her life. Once she bumps into her brother who left the house at 14. Will he make it all better? Or make everything worse? 

This is the story of 17 year old Anna being mated to a vampire.


Just give him green eyes instead and have his name spelled like 'Daron' then you will perfectly be describing my crush
I think that will be my future life me and my brother are 5 years apart
Ugh I feel for you! My siblings and my parents are so annoying in the morning
Omg! I'm 17 an my lil bro 11 and he thinks he is the boss like reelie. I'm 5 years older then him and he is mir brat.
Ashlyn2838 Ashlyn2838 Mar 18
it said she got pants off a hanger and a shirt from a dresser anyone else confused
If you are writing a story you should spell put the pronouns instead of acting that it's a text message to your friend 😂👌🏼