Polyjuice Party

Polyjuice Party

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Gracie By hermionemintgreen Updated Dec 26, 2019

"This Friday, we are going to have what is known as the Polyjuice Party. A night in which everyone drinks a random polyjuice potion, transforming themselves into another member of the student body. Then, they can mingle and hang out and do whatever they please with others, completely anonymous and without the knowledge of who their new friend really is. When the clock strikes midnight, we will all transform back to our usual selves and all will be revealed to us. There's a catch. You can't tell anyone who you really are under the effect of the potion, or you'll spoil the entire thing. Have fun, I hope you make some unexpected friends"

Draco Malfoy isn't going to take part in this rubbish party. He's planned to not drink a potion and just stay as himself and he's even gotten Astoria in on his plan. But Astoria forgets, and donates a strand of her hair anyway.

Draco Malfoy is expecting to spend the night with Astoria Greengrass. Which, he does, physically. But it's not really Astoria.

Oh, no. It's a certain muggleborn brunette that goes by the name Hermione Granger.

And for Hermione, that innocent party would be the start of something that would turn her life upside down.

But for this tale, the party is only the start. Like no other Dramione fan fiction you have ever read. Betrayal, lies, kidnapping, games with lives on the line and of course, magic

so good I might cry
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Thank u all for reading! I named this book "the Polyjuice Party" before writing and finding that the Polyjuice Party itself really isn't a big part of the book at all lollll but hopefully you'll enjoy