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Lavender Moon (Matty Healy Fanfic)

Lavender Moon (Matty Healy Fanfic)

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mattyhealys By mattyhealys Updated Jun 12, 2016

‹The sound of heavy drums, guitar riffs and muffled screaming kept me awake yet another night.    "You got to be kidding me", I groaned to myself as I turned around in my bed to face the small clock on a table next to me. 3am.    "I'm going to kill 'em."   Yes, I was talking to myself. Yes, it was 3am and the thought of another sleepless night nearly drove me insane. Yes, I was going to get up now. Yes, I felt quite pathetic.  [...] Before I could overthink the whole thing I was already standing in front of his house. Ringing the door bell. Once. Twice. Still loud music. A third time. Silence.   Lovely.    A few moments later the door flew open, exposing a lanky boy, dressed all black and white and with a mess of hair.    "Yeah?", he looked slightly confused. Probably he didn't even recognize me.    "Right, if you guys could just please stop playing music for like two hours or just turn down the volume a bit - I know it's Punk and it's probably like super uncool to listen to quiet Punk but really there are people that actually go to school and can't sleep through the whole day ..." I kept on rambling a bit, I wasn't shouting but I was surely angry. Sleep was a sensitve topic to me.    "You know we're not just listening to music, we're doing music." he stated as I finally finished.›

Bubsforlubs Bubsforlubs Jan 16, 2014
This is super great! I thought this was beautifully written, and to hear this isn't your first language is just even crazier! I love it so far, and would love to see more!