The Thanatos Prophecy #1 [Rewritten As The Shroud Of Sharayar]

The Thanatos Prophecy #1 [Rewritten As The Shroud Of Sharayar]

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ŋąŧɧąٳıą By TheImperialSarcasm Updated Jan 01

In the magical world of Nervonia, Anubis Rahaim is a mysterious enigma; a commoner, capable of wielding true magic rather than typical artificial Arts. For the hero of Aegea, there's just one problem surrounding his mystic powers... They seem to be cursed.

Every time he uses them, catastrophes occur. And now his mother's gotten caught in the curse crossfire. No one understands the circumstances of the disease and it's up to Anubis to cure her.

Now he must race against time with new friends to learn about his unusual power and try to discover just why exactly everyone seems to want it so much. A great evil lurks in the background, manipulating his journey as he soon becomes the central key to a cultic syndicate's plot of extermination.

Something wicked this way comes...

[Themed in the world of the Arabian Nights]

Book one of the ~Night of the Djinn Saga.~


+Highest Rank: #400 in Fantasy+

~Updates: Wednesday and Friday.~

Cover by @sallaria_ann.

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Mizteddyz Mizteddyz Aug 10, 2017
Yeah, my aunt is a nurse and she says you need to drink a lot of liquids to clean out the sickness (most preferably water). Also take some medicine, and visit a doctor.
SilverQuartx SilverQuartx Aug 10, 2017
I love the writing style. Everything is descriptive enough that it can give me a good image of what's going on in my head. I enjoy the originality of the characters as well,  a lot of them are so straightforward that its funny actually.
SilverQuartx SilverQuartx Aug 10, 2017
Probably lay off the food and start drinking water for a full blown week. And stay still in your bed. If you move too much, the food that was in your stomach will easily get shaken up and you'd throw up.
Mizteddyz Mizteddyz Aug 10, 2017
Your book isn't good, ITS OMG OMG WOW GOOD. I feel like I'm watching an anime or movie when I read. I don't feel the same way when I read most of the books on Wattpad. You've made me love your characters so much, and oh my the descriptions are always on fleek.