For The Love Of My Alpha

For The Love Of My Alpha

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Chapter one

My name is Silver, odd name right. My parents named me silver because of my naturally silver eyes. They said that my eyes made me special, but usually they made me feel like a freak. I have long black curly hair that reaches just past the middle of my back. I'm 16 years old and stand at the height of 5'4.

Well there is a little information about me. Oh I almost forgot I'm a werewolf along with the rest of my family. I just moved in with my brother and his friends because my parents are going on a trip around the world and they didnt want to leave me home alone.Also did I mention his best friend is my mate. Oh boy. 


Sitting in the car next to my brother I couldn't help but space out after he told me about his friends. 

Ash: He's 19 with short black hair, light blue eyes. His twin is Kaleand he's younger by six minutes and he is 6'3.

Kale: He's 19 with shaggy black hair, bright blue eyes. His twin is Ash. Is older by six minutes. Also is Silver's mate, but...

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PONZER-5 PONZER-5 Jul 14, 2017
I'm sorry but why vanilla and strawberries, its always vamilla and strawberries!sorry it just bugs me
clind83 clind83 Jun 20, 2016
If he has a six pack and v-line this is like my dream guy lol
fantasyreads321 fantasyreads321 Jul 21, 2016
How do u turn to the next chapter I really want to read this story
PrisonPrincess PrisonPrincess Jul 08, 2015
No. her brother is talking about his friends @Mileyisamaniac
TwentyOneBeebhoes TwentyOneBeebhoes Jul 08, 2015
This is literally the first chapter and they just met. I'm not trying to be rude but they act like they've been together for years
- - Jun 27, 2015
Isn't it kind of ironic how her name is silver, but silver is her weakness