Once Upon A Surf

Once Upon A Surf

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Meet Lindsey Fisher.

She's your normal surfing addict, who adores being out on the waves and can hardly wait for the huge surfing competition coming up.  But the flip side of her life isn't so pleasant, and is summed up in basically one word:  stepmother.

Oh but, of course, Lindsey lives the average life of the modern Cinderella.  Her stepmother and stepsisters have no pity for her surfing dreams, and she is forced to work a job at the family owned surf shack while still taking care of all the duties at home.

And Lindsey still dreams of getting out.

The surfing competition would guarantee her a start, providing a career so she could head out on her own.  But will the demands of her overbearing stepmother drown out any chance she has in the competition?

Lindsey only has one chance.  Throw in a famous boy, jealous stepsisters and an ongoing rivalry on the waves and the odds do not seem to be in her favor.  But Lindsey Fisher was born to surf, and she's not going down without a fight.

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NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Oct 09, 2017
If she just put the stuff in the dish washer the. Why tf is she hand washing them
1girlx2lives 1girlx2lives Dec 27, 2017
I don’t know if I should find this confusing, weird, or entertaining. I know a person who’s named that as well
abbie_persson abbie_persson Sep 09, 2015
Is the idea taken from the movie Cinderella Story? With the father owning the shack and all?
Iris9393 Iris9393 Mar 12, 2015
This is really good. Her stepsisters are such cows :( And the stepmum is a witch too! I hope things start to look up for her soon. Like this already :)