Hidden (Book 3 of the Immune Series)

Hidden (Book 3 of the Immune Series)

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"Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it ceases to exist. 

I believe in many invisible things- ghosts, Bigfoot, unicorns. 

Mainly, though, I believe in myself- the girl hidden within the pale blue walls of this five-room, two story building under the unnerving fluorescent lights. I'm the girl no one has ever seen.

But I exist. 

Don't I?"

Compound 4 was burned to the ground. Compound 5 was liberated. Compounds 2 and 3 wait patiently for Jay and Isaac to arrive with the vaccine that has been created to protect what's left of the human race from The Virus that nearly wiped them out fifteen years ago. 

That leaves Compound 1, nestled in the deep woods of the northern United States. The warning they sent to Jay's supporters was clear: stay away. But Jay's never been good at following directions. 

Outside Compound 1, a laboratory exists. The bottom floor is a home; the upper floor is anything but. Mya Julien's life consists of needles, machines, tests and sickness. Being immune comes with a price, and when a dark-haired stranger crashes unwillingly into their life, she and her brother Finn discover a haunting truth.

No one can miss you, if no one knows you exist.

This is the last installment in the Immune series. Be sure to check out book one (Immune) and book two (Selected) before reading.