Worn Skin

Worn Skin

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Nick is a suicidal alcoholic raising the daughter of a man he killed. But when she's lost to a mystical, tattooed, pain-fueled cult, he has to get her back.
Tattoos are more than just markings; those who know what to look for can see a secret language of magical symbols on people's skin. Nick, a suicidal alcoholic, has an encyclopedic knowledge of tattoos. However, after encountering a strange man with a seductive knife and a little girl who turns his world upside down, he discovers hidden horrors in body art that even he is unprepared for. When the little girl is kidnapped, Nick is forced to journey into a mystical underworld rife with magic, mutilation and pain. The ruination of flesh fuels his foes, but Nick is no stranger to self-destruction.

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Content and/or Trigger Warning: Suicide, self-harm, gore, torture/mutilation.

[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]