Turned Real (LEGO Hero Factory Fanfiction)

Turned Real (LEGO Hero Factory Fanfiction)

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Nightmares Arise By Sirenalagirl53 Completed

"I wish that............. Everything would just change....."

That was the wish best friends Aurora WinterSword and Stephanie FireStorm made wishing there crap lives would change. Aurora on her birthday candles and Stephanie on a shooting star. Both holding figures of there favorite LEGO Hero Factory character. Aurora's is Preston Stormer while Stephanie's is William Ferno. But the next day there lives change FOREVER when there figures become real and life size, now they must find a way to ether get the other figures real or get them back to there world. But when Stormer starts to fall for Aurora and Ferno starts to fall for Stephanie, things change for them. But things get even more harder when Aurora and Steph's bullies start making the Hero's enemies real and life size too making them and the city in danger.

Things just got harder for these two human best friends.

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