Time to Love( Exo's Kai fanfic)

Time to Love( Exo's Kai fanfic)

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"Yah , Jong In , look over there." Chanyeol pointed out to Kai as Yeon-seo passed by with her group of friends. Kai stared in admiration of her beautifulness , her pale skin , red stained lips, and short brown hair. "She's so pretty." was all he could say.

" Aigoo, Kai!" ,Chanyeol teased.

"I can't help it I've liked her for a while now, I think I'm gonna confess today." Kai said with a big grin on his face.

"Juhng-mahl?" Chanyeol asked very surprised

"Ne. I have to do it now, I can't waste anymore time. I'll see you later." Kai said leaving and running towards the library where Yun-seo was sure to be at.

"I wonder if he knows Yun-seo is a total bitch or if he just pretends not to know? Ahh mulla mulla." Chanyeol said to himself as he walked along the hallway. A girl who was running, accidently bumped into him. "Oh miane , miane!" she said bowing her head and continuing to run. "Yahh! Su-jin ah ! Come back here!" a handsome boy with blond hair called after her. Chanyeol watched wit...

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Kawaii-Lami Kawaii-Lami Jun 15, 2015
Love it!!! Hahahaha!! I'm going to cry( beacause of laughing!!)
jaeminisback jaeminisback Aug 24, 2014
Kai...you could not get a girls that easy...not that easy...
karenpeaua_ karenpeaua_ Jun 22, 2014
Serves him RIGHT ! sorry for the late comment . but I LOVE IT !
exoticyang exoticyang Mar 06, 2014
I love it!! Ooo Kai! Please update! I'll wait for it. Thank You!