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Growing Stronger (On Hold Until Further Notice)

Growing Stronger (On Hold Until Further Notice)

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X0ShadowGirlX0 By X0ShadowGirlX0 Updated Dec 20, 2016

Toni Pierce was a girl that lived in fear of her home and pack. Everyone took to abusing her at home and at school. The only one that never hurt her was the alpha. But when Toni gets a visit from a Councilman on the werewolf committee, things start to change. All starting with the rejection of who she believes is her mate.
   Toni runs and finds out that the life she had known was a lie. Everything she knew was not as it seemed. Finding out about a whole other life, and a family she had only envisioned, she finds herself with more questions than answers to what it all means. 
   Going back to the life she had before the torment started was all she ever really needed to help her grow. Now she will find out just what changes she has begun to go through ever since that one choice that changed everything.
   With her new family, Toni faces her past and the present. While everything begins its changing, a threat arises. As the new head of her real family, Toni will fight with everything she's got to the very end. This is the very beginning of her growing stronger.

Please read and let me know what you think. This is my first story ever being posted on here. I have edited but if there are any other mistakes just comment below please. Please know that these aren't really chapters. They are more like parts. Some are short, some are long.

MercenaryLife MercenaryLife Dec 13, 2015
What if you copy the copy right statement? Jk, don't even know how.
Princess_Cia Princess_Cia Oct 02, 2015
I'm loving it already. Not a of of riders can catch readers attention that fast
AnnetteFrancois AnnetteFrancois Feb 17, 2015
I'm liking it so far and I can tell it's gonna be one of those stories I can't stop reading
X0ShadowGirlX0 X0ShadowGirlX0 Feb 06, 2015
@SkylerSabine Thank you. I know there are a lot of mistakes but I am glad you read past this and will continue to read my book to the very end.
SkylerSabine SkylerSabine Feb 06, 2015
I just started reading your book and what I read so far I love, please excuse me if I don't comment on every chapter it is because where I read there is no wifi so I will most likely  comment at the ent or if I get wifi. Thank you in advance for writing this wonderful story <3
HPobjoy HPobjoy Apr 13, 2014
Good start please keep writing. Also at some stage tell us why her parents hate her other than because she shifted early. From a werewolf pic I would have suspected she was special