The Tendrils of Fate

The Tendrils of Fate

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When the heist of a lifetime takes a disastrous turn, renowned jewel thief, Jarle Jadien finds himself in possession of a treasure he has no intention of keeping-Avaren Ensther, the King's betrothed. Beauty and intrigue in one, she is a keeper of secrets that reach far beyond Jarle's world of whiskey and disrepute. 

The unlikely duo are trapped within a maelstrom of insidious plots while a cataclysmic lunar alignment threatens to destroy Reyza. 

The infamous rogue has had his heart is stolen from under his nose, but only time will tell if his temptress proves worthy.


What readers are saying:

"Your book is amazing. When I read it it's as if I have been transferred into a parallel world. You have a lot of views and votes for now but I find it appalling that not everyone votes after having completed the reading." -Wattpad comment by Evelyn Hail

"Delightful. I love how you've brought your characters to life with a feathered cap here, a quirk of an eyebrow there. Very nice start. I'm looking forward to more. -Wattpad comment by JWCMaher

"Beautiful vocabulary! I'm always rapt by how you weave your sentences and paragraphs. I like Avaren a lot. I'm glad to have found a story where characters don't seem to fit into any kind of pre-existing cliché. They're just themselves." -Wattpad Comment by Maeve Siverling

"I love how you take time away from what I perceive to be the primary POV's and explore the inner workings of the sociopolitical structure in Reyza, it is an utterly fascinating culture you two have created. Bravo! -Wattpad Comment by Shannon Tolhurst

"If you guys roleplay like you write, it would be some epic rpg'ing! Great writing and very engaging. I thought you handled the interaction and innuendo between Jarle and Marcella brilliantly."-Wattpad Comment by Kelly J. Burke

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PearlyPegs PearlyPegs Mar 17
That's gotta be one of the best artwork I've seen my whole life
that mask reminds me of an oni demon from one of my favorite shows, teen wolf. :p
WindySun0 WindySun0 Apr 14
Oh My god!!!! That has to be the most coolest thing I have ever heard!
PearlyPegs PearlyPegs Mar 17
Yikes you sound like the super fast warning right before a movie lol sorry that's just my weird imagination
Alright .. Noted .... Gonna blind fold when it comes to that scenario ... :)
I'm back ahah, but damn I still can't get over at how gothic and vampiric but at the same time elegant this looks.