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Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)

Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)

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Katy Cage By katycage Completed

Nika, a halfblood in a supernatural community, scrambles to rescue her kidnapped friend, and ends up enmeshed in a conspiracy that will change her world.
Alienated by the supernatural community for her tainted blood, seventeen-year-old Nika can only rely on one person: her best friend Lu. But after a priceless journal is stolen and Nika is named the prime suspect, Lu is kidnapped. Nika strikes out to save her friend, gaining a band of unlikely allies: a sullen warrior, a cowardly schoolboy and the son of a traitor. Soon Nika's confronting a deadly witch and facing off against a werewolf who appeals to her darkest desires. A supernatural war has begun, and if it spirals out of control, all of Nika's efforts will be in vain.

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