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It'll never happen (a Pernico/Percico fanfiction)

It'll never happen (a Pernico/Percico fanfiction)

61K Reads 2.1K Votes 8 Part Story
Rezelda By Rezelda Completed

When the unthinkable becomes something magical

I see myself as the one comment without mentioning Octavian being dead...
Octavian needs to stay dead.....he's dead don't try to bring him back...-_-
YoloCat1 YoloCat1 Sep 09, 2016
Hmm,Waddle never wait Percy!  But what if I told you they were Blue waffles Hmm?
AllMy1DerfulLove AllMy1DerfulLove Oct 18, 2016
Isn't this a reference to the legend? The one where Persephone only ate so many pomegranate seeds in the underworld or something like that?
Not_One_Known Not_One_Known 7 days ago
He has done it to me before too...
                              GROVER STOP BANGING ON PEOPLE'S DOORS.