The Worst

The Worst

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madfordbralik By madfordbralik Updated Sep 01, 2015

After a night of wild partying at a frat house in NYC, Zayn Malik's world suddenly changes in a way he never imagined. And if you ask him, Charlie Dunn is responsible. And as for a seemingly nobody like Charlie, her world is completely different and entirely separate from Zayn's-or so she thinks. But what happens when the two worlds come together after that one night, colliding in ways neither one of them could have predicted? Well, maybe it's not the worst...or maybe it is...

Warning: An a.u. that contains sexual content, strong language and mild drug use. 

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Nutellachicken Nutellachicken May 09, 2016
No it's from her dick 
                              The part of your body you should stop shoving into every thing that opens for you
queentk queentk Feb 12
Well excuse the hell out of me... The last time I checked she was a grown ass women paying her own bills... she can speak for herself.
4WallsAreNotEnough 4WallsAreNotEnough Apr 24, 2016
That's the worst way to start your semester ever but ok you do you
queentk queentk Feb 12
"Homeless as ever..." 😂😂 damn Zayn, it's called being casually fashion forward. 😐
queentk queentk Feb 12
"No, but I'll gladly get drunk and knock your ass out... Oh wait I don't need to be drunk for that. In fact you can catch these hands right now." 😊
- - Apr 08, 2016
Blasian girls are so pretty! Guys too! Make me want a blasian child!