Coping: A Monster Musume Fanfic

Coping: A Monster Musume Fanfic

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Forrest Thacker By ForrestThacker6 Updated Jul 02, 2017

The Monster Exchange Program has now gone global. Everyone who applies now has the chance to live every-day life with the monster girls of their dreams. But what happens when his tragic past is brought back up? Can he hide it away, or could it tear his new family apart?

Monster Musume is the acclaimed Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Okayado. This series is published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten. I do not own Monster Musume or anything affliated. Please support the official release by watching or reading the source material. And for the record, I will be using monsters from the Monster Girl Exyclopedia, as well as some from the series we've already seen.

AUTHOR'S WARNING: All that delightful X-Rated shenanigans is abundant here.  RIP to those who don't read the fine print and get triggered.

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