I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player.

I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player.

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Pearlie By Pearlie Updated Mar 17, 2016

Heyyy everybody! thanks for clicking my story and reading! :D I hope you like it and please vote and comment, or message me if you want too if you have any ideas etc! Its really appreciated!! Enjoy! :D

(and if you happen to look up the people who play the characters, i suggest typing 'model', after their names, just in case haha :)

Chapter 1. Time Bomb

            Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

            I gritted my teeth against the annoying sound, trying to continue taking my test. But the constant TICK TICK TICK of some idiot ticking their pencil against the hard wood of their desk was very quickly beginning to piss me off. I mean, how in the hell am I supposed to finish this Trigonometry test?!

            Just ignore it Clarisse. You'll be fine. 

            Yeah, if that reassuring voice in my head could hear that damned ticking, they'd be less reassuring, and more WHERE IS THAT ASSWIPE SO I CAN SMASH THEIR FACE IN!!

Like me.

            The minutes ...

softpoet softpoet Jan 12
That was rough, he was just really confused and ignorant. Give the guy a break..
If she had to go to that, it would mean I would got there forever
QueenSabina QueenSabina 5 days ago
It's cuz he was inferring that she wanted to talk to him for sex and that offended her
ogprettyparis ogprettyparis 4 days ago
Nothing's wrong with this outfit except I hate green and idkw
Any_Stories Any_Stories Jan 06
No. Just no. I feel no longer worthy of being a human after reading all of that.
TNSjiley4ever TNSjiley4ever 3 days ago
I'm not popular, but I've been in detention for hitting a boy more than once