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MLP Fanfic:(CLOPFIC)  Soarin's Panty Raid

MLP Fanfic:(CLOPFIC) Soarin's Panty Raid

99.7K Reads 772 Votes 11 Part Story
Dark/ Indigo By deadbrony Completed

-----NSFW----- Soarin has the hots for Rainbow Dash but he made one obvious mistake to the other stallions. He sets off on a mission to prove that he isn't a "little mare". ***Be aware content it NOT PG*** (This is intended to be a clopping story) CLOP WARNING MATURE CONTENT! -------NSFW-------

Hijacking someone's house to assault them go prove your douchiness is a lot easier when deus ex machina comes into play
LucaLuv LucaLuv May 04, 2016
wow...ya know if he wanted to be stupid he could do this but if he wanted to be a man then...he should have found a way to talk to her and just ask her out!!!
Don't think that's gonna happen as long as there are girls on the team
starlit_masquerade starlit_masquerade Jul 28, 2015
Ummm... This don't make him a man, honestly It kinda makes him a stalker and a creep... No offense to the author or to sorin
Teenage_Cadence Teenage_Cadence Jul 21, 2014
                              Hey! If you loved this story, then you'll love my clopfic too! You can comment your favorite ships and then I'll make a clopfic of your ship!!!! ^_^ plz read for more info!!!!! ;)
Jaguartiger191 Jaguartiger191 Jun 14, 2014
Ok first, i dont think ponies even wear any clothes.
                              second, god damn soarin seems a liit WAY too.... HUMAN. so yeah um wtf. hahaha