From the Abyss

From the Abyss

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Anonymous writer By kaya_guerra Updated Jul 14, 2017

Tanya is a normal girl. She's the average senior, or is she? Her past is rough and everyday it haunts her. She tried to tuck it away for her own security. The pain she endures is too much sometimes, but can one boy change all of that?

Blaze is the average "bad boy" or "rebel". His life is seemingly normal except for the fact that his parents ignore him. He tries to smile as much as possible because deep down he's afraid of the reality setting in. But can one girl break down all his coats of protection?


,"You will never be a mistake in my heart! You're not going to turn into my biggest regret! You aren't going to float away from my mind! YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING! YOU'RE MY STRENGTH! BUT GODAMMIT YOU'RE ALSO MY WEAKNESS! I can't live without you, dammit, and that's what scares me! I'm scared that one day I'll wake up beside you and you won't look at me with love in your eyes anymore. I'm scared that you'll whisper those words, those terrifying words, "I don't love you anymore". And holy fuck I'm afraid that you're going to roll over and say that you're done with my shit. But, fuck, even if that's in our future I won't leave you because I just want to be with you for as long as I can. Because I love you."

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