Not Again (BajanCanadian Fanfiction)

Not Again (BajanCanadian Fanfiction)

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Lucy By lucybrooke Completed

In which a girl falls in love, gets her heart broken, and runs away thinking she'd never meet him again.

Oh, she thought.

"Not this time, it won't be like the past. Not again."

Kay-Bug-5 Kay-Bug-5 Aug 13, 2016
This is my second time reading this series! Luv this book sm
DenialNumber4 DenialNumber4 Dec 11, 2016
Low key rereading this after like 2 years cause it was amazing the first time a read it and I want to experience it again
Dylan_Gives_No_Damns Dylan_Gives_No_Damns Jul 22, 2015
This doesn't seem like my kind of story, but I can still tell when a story will be good. I have a feeling this is one of them.
Tazzmanian-Devil Tazzmanian-Devil Mar 22, 2015
i havent read anything yet, but judging by the discription (which is actually really importent) this will be a great story. it sounds better then most mcyt stories with an oc that falls in love with some youtuber, AKA it doesnt seem like a self insert story.
HarryXIX HarryXIX Oct 31, 2014
My heart is crushed
                              But nobody knows
                              My love is broken and I ache
                              Head to toe
                              I'm hated for me
                              And now I'm alone
                              Nobody cares 
                              So now I'm monotone
                              No exitement or happiness will be shown 
                              My memories haunted because of someone I know
kimkash kimkash Aug 25, 2014
so awesome... I love this chapter! such great writing... much word... I bet it took forever to write!