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Sleep Paralysis: My Body Might Kill Me

Sleep Paralysis: My Body Might Kill Me

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SarahoftheOpera By SarahoftheOpera Updated Apr 18, 2011

Dreams are a normal part of sleeping, but what happens when you literally cannot wake up from these nightmares? Sleep paralysis: a sleeping disorder in which a person wakes up during deep sleep and is left paralyzed, unable to move, speak, or scream. Jasmine Rose is a victim of this disorder, and fights to hide its effects almost every day. With a handful of friends, she is known as "Miss Jazz-the-Spazz" since she gets paranoid over anything and everything. Living life tired and frightened is hardly a life at all. 

Ashton Reese: The most (cliche) popular guy at William Rivers High School. He's hot, rich, and of course he is on the football team. He's your typical douchebag sleep-with-anything-that-walks-on-two-legs kind of guy, and has no respect for any of the girls at school, especially Jazz. He's known her since 6th grade, and he still considers her a spazzy freak. However, when they both attend a weekend "Biology Camping Trip," Ashton might just see Jazz in a new light. Is Jazz ready to fall in love? Or just ready to fall asleep? You have to read to find out...

ScottKnapp ScottKnapp Mar 12, 2011
Hey I also suffer from sleep paralysis!...and very interested in Ur writing I've done my own research as well but would like to see what you write, and also read my poem and let me know what you think since you will understand it..thanx
SarahoftheOpera SarahoftheOpera Feb 20, 2011
@alypenguin Ooo of course I will!! Tell me when you've uploaded mkay? :)
alypenguin alypenguin Feb 20, 2011
                              Why thankyou im flattered, im writing a story of my own right now so you should check it out once im done :)
SarahoftheOpera SarahoftheOpera Feb 20, 2011
@alypenguin lol I doubt if they could make it there, but I hope the other three stories I have up make it into the Watty Awards :) thanks for your comment for this and for my story on the ''lisa mcmann giveaway'm :) YOU ROCK
alypenguin alypenguin Feb 20, 2011
WOW. You are a very good writer, I hope to see one of your stories in the book shop, P.S i would buy them!
xoSimplyBeingMe xoSimplyBeingMe Feb 12, 2011
@SarahoftheOpera oh deary me. How could i not see. Dr. Seuss please let me be. Because i was just simply being me. I'm a little freaked now. I can't stop. I don't know how. Okay i'm done. I'll take a bow. But seriously though. I'm now offically mad. So now i have to go. Oh no.xo