Forgive and Forget Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Forgive and Forget Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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This is my manado power By XxsilverlollipopXD Completed


"That explains a lot."

"I bet it does."

The mask prevents me from seeing her face but I can just tell she is smiling at me; at my misery. It makes me want to tear her apart limb from limb. But, I restrain myself. It would do me no good to waste energy with her. I got the information I wanted and now I have to go. My mom needs me.

"Is that all?" I growl, smacking her hand away.

"Yes, it is."

"Good," And then I punch her in the face.


The beautiful cover is from @horrorscope-. Thank you!

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Gsl1me Gsl1me Feb 03
This seriously better not end like a damn killer protector mockery or I'm gonna tear my eyes out.
Moongazell14 Moongazell14 Nov 12, 2017
Question : Does any of you think that some Creepypastas may be real?
Imposing_Darkness Imposing_Darkness Nov 07, 2017
I actually thought it said
                              "What do you want? " I growl and push his pussy away 
                              And I'm like wtf is he DOING
Im_That_Emo_ Im_That_Emo_ Jul 13, 2016
I'm so confused *shhh..don't worry* Who's there *U have Sanity?* wut *shh..don't worry* ^kills^ *stupid bïøtčh
WeirdFandomFanfics WeirdFandomFanfics Oct 01, 2016
"Yes. Yes, I am scared....SIKE, you think I'm scared of you? THINK AGAIN BOI" Dats how I imagine her saying that to Jeff in her mind
AnonymousToastyboi AnonymousToastyboi Jun 16, 2016
WHO THE FÛCK IS THIS. Seriously it could be himself, Jamie, or us. SERIOUSLY WTF?!?