Forgive and Forget Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Forgive and Forget Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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"Truth or dare?" Smiley grins and looks back and forth between Jamie and me. 

"Uh, truth." Jamie says and smiles. 

"Do you love Jeff?" 

Everything goes quiet and eyes train in on Jamie. She is staring at the wall and doesn't respond for several long minutes. 

"I can't answer that." Everyone groans and begin to argue with her. She holds up her hands and I see Sally tugging at her jacket. "Fine! You want to know the truth?" They all fall silent again and look at her. "You all want to know if I love Jeff?" She looks at me and smiles sadly. 

"I do." And with those two words, all hell breaks loose.


The beautiful cover is from @horrorscope-. Thank you!

                              DONT CARE ABOUT TOMORROW
                              SINGIN SWEET HOME ALABAMA ALL SUMMER LONG!!!!
                              No? Okay...Ill stop....
MadyTurley MadyTurley Apr 25
Everyone should be but this like my second time reading this series but I only remember bits of it
Im_That_Emo_ Im_That_Emo_ Jul 13, 2016
I'm so confused *shhh..don't worry* Who's there *U have Sanity?* wut *shh..don't worry* ^kills^ *stupid bïøtčh
BoxFullOfChocolate BoxFullOfChocolate Oct 01, 2016
"Yes. Yes, I am scared....SIKE, you think I'm scared of you? THINK AGAIN BOI" Dats how I imagine her saying that to Jeff in her mind
Gamwahweh Gamwahweh Jun 16, 2016
WHO THE FÛCK IS THIS. Seriously it could be himself, Jamie, or us. SERIOUSLY WTF?!?
Damnn she probably chilling somewhere nice and ain't coming back lmao