Howl of  a Human

Howl of a Human

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Aconite By Wolfbane Completed

The first tears finally slipped from my closed eyes, I heard him whimper as they slid down my cheeks.

"I love you, Lacey," he whispered into my ear," That's all that matters."

"It isn't," I replied, but I was loosing myself in his dark eyes. 

"It is," he insisted, lips finding their way to my neck and slowly going up.


I was never anything special. I was the bakers daughter in a little town in the middle of nowhere. Then he walked into the bakery. That's when my whole life changed. He called me his mate and from then on my life was no longer nothing special, it became just short of extraordinary. 
I'd always heard the legends about werewolves, but never imagined myself marrying one. Or leading a pack of them. The pack doesn't follow me. Evil beings want me dead and gone. Enemy territories don't want me as a Luna. Can a human girl ever lead a wolf pack? Or will they devour me alive like they have so many others?

This is part of a series, you can get by with not reading the previous stories but there will be spoilers. Book 3.

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