I'm Not That Girl

I'm Not That Girl

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julienne By SummerSnowQueen Updated Oct 12, 2015

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My cousin was dating my best friend, and he wasn't just my best friend - he was the one I deeply fell for. I tried to make him see the things that we could be, but he didn't. I had lost hope for the both of us. 

And now, all I could see is the two of them together. I told myself that it was fine. I told myself that I could survive through it. I told myself that it does not hurt, not even one bit.

I shielded myself from all the heartache and hatred I felt for their happiness. I kept on convincing myself that he wasn't worth it - that I deserved better. But all I the things I told myself only caused my wall to break down, and I realized the most painful and inevitable fact that whatever I do, I could never be that girl. I could never be his girl.

I said it wouldn't hurt, I said I would be fine,

But all my life, I have only been pretending.

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Jianna3960 Jianna3960 Jul 19
I tasted the ginger one, I forgot the name but I don't like it. I don't like with honey too.
Mochilita Mochilita Oct 08
Lolol I forgot that the first chapter was dedicated to me 😂 or per say, my 'potato and high-key dorky' old username that created the same potato looking past covers 😂😂
                              I'm happy to see that time changes alot of things, but at the same time, a dash of doubt creeps in.
-romances -romances Oct 31
                              Ok sorry
                              I'm rereading. I read it once when I was in the Jelsa fandom, and now I'm coming back to see why I loved it.
Time to steal her pan because this bitch is getting some slapping
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