l i t t l e  n o t e s

l i t t l e n o t e s

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when life gets me down, i write // highest ranking: #2 in poetry

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darkbravadom darkbravadom Oct 19, 2017
WOAH, You write so well!! I'm astonished and marveled at this. Keep writing and shine!! <3
hemophile hemophile Nov 25, 2017
I try to scream but nobody can hear/so I wait around for an answer to appear/I’m tap-tap-tapping on the glass/waving through a window ~ dear Evan Hansen
1penguins1 1penguins1 Dec 26, 2017
i kinda feel you, just started writing, all the mess that was going in my head, i wrote it down and even tho im new doing it i love it cause i can express myself and escape from reality for a while,even tho im not a good writer, it comes from the insisde
PONZER-5 PONZER-5 Oct 20, 2017
Robert frost who? William Shakespeare what? This is so good!
sixfootunder sixfootunder Nov 26, 2017
so vivid, it's as if i can feel the pain, the fear. this is amazing, wonderful job!
Leilahnii Leilahnii Nov 20, 2017
*clicks fingers vigourously* Absolutely beautiful! I've literally deleted & re-posted my poetry.. but you're a great poet! 💛