The List

The List

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Paigicorn La Frosting By Paigicornla Updated Sep 05, 2018

The List. Every girls worst nightmare. At least, if you go to my high school.

The List is a ranking of every single girl in our school, designed so that the original list creator could "date" every girl in our school before he graduated. The ultimate creation for the ultimate Starboy.

That Starboy was Hunter Ivanshovic. Captain of every school team, extremely rich and smart, but a total badass and probably the most beautiful person to walk our school halls.
Since grade nine, Ivanshovic has been stealing and breaking the hearts of every single girl at Killner CI. Now four years later- every girl who's walked through those doors since Ivanshovic started attending our school has been checked off The List.

Well, that's everyone except me.

I don't know how I managed to do it, but I have been avoiding Ivanshovic for the same amount of time that the List has existed. Rumor has it I'm not on the List for many reasons being I'm too shy and practically non existent, or Ivanshovic doesn't even know I exist. Some say I'm the last person on the List because I'm either his big finale, or a quick ending. Whatever the case may be, I'm just glad I've had the luxury of escaping his cruel ways. My best friend Amanda was number 3 on the List, she broke up with Ivanshovic herself (unlike every other girl) because she realized he was "just another asshole".

Now there are 4 months left till our high school graduation, and I've got a future as bright as the stars ahead of me. Valedictorian, top honors, full scholarship to Harvard for criminal Scientology. I was set, key word- WAS.

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