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LiteralYaoiTrash By LiteralYaoiTrash Updated Jun 10

Hi there~

I'm a really slow writer so please forgive me!  I try and write mind blowing smut but it's fairly hard, I'm really happy that there are people who like my writing so thank you for that~

Unfortunately, I haven't yet watched many shows so I can't do all requests and I apologize for that but I can try my best.

TsundeChan TsundeChan Aug 19
As he whispered comforting words in your ear, "Bush did 9/11."
                              Me: WTF!? *shakes Stein* WTF DID YOU SAY?!
                              Stein: O_O
"Bush did 9/11" I was laughing the entire time! Not saying it wasn't hot, but It was really funny.
When I read this kind of stuff I make my own character and imagine it it the anime
Dat commentary doe
                              Regardless I love this
                              Even though I was screaming on the inside reading this
- - Feb 19
Knees weak
                              Arms are sweaty
                              There's vomit on his sweater
                              Mum's spaghetti
That would be me if I was brave enough to have sex with men I don't know and be a sl*t but that's not me