Skye [Loki]

Skye [Loki]

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Skye longed to look at him. She dared to meet his gaze. So when she did, and their eyes met - they fell. 

Handmaiden to Queen Frigga, she instantly catches the eye of Prince Loki and begins to form an unbreakable bond. She isn't like the other royal servants and Loki's notices this from the very beginning. She has a power, a gift and a hidden past along with it. Loki helps he discover this power and her past seems to unravel before her eyes. A tale of truth, power, love and jealousy forms when her secret is revealed. A love triangle begins to form and Loki will do anything to secure her heart and affection. But why? Has he fallen for this young maiden?  

Set before Thor, this novel explores Loki, Skye and Thor's childhood, past and present. 

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Loki_for_LIFE Loki_for_LIFE Jul 28, 2017
Every time I watch movie with Loki in them when I'm around family
Sibuna14 Sibuna14 Nov 28, 2017
Oh boy.. I didn't want to have to tell you this but. You know what never mind
bonehurtingjuiceoof bonehurtingjuiceoof Aug 20, 2016
Trying so hard to slap the Cheshire Cat's smile from my face
Alice087 Alice087 Jul 07, 2016
This is by far the most beautiful portrait if Loki  I've ever read. Amazing.
niky956 niky956 Mar 27, 2016
me encanta la trama pero para mi es muy complicado leerla en ingles nena traducelo muero por leerla pero autotraducirla es dificil...
SkyeK00 SkyeK00 May 09, 2016
When you thought your name was unique but you see everyone commenting their name is skye. Loving the book though!!