Save me.. | Kim Taehyung

Save me.. | Kim Taehyung

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♡라나♡ By TrashMcGarbage Updated Sep 23

"Promise me something first..." I said.

"Anything..." she said as she held my handd.

"Promise me you won't think of me differently when I tell you this. Promise me you won't look at me with eyes full of pity and promise me that you will still love me and treat me the same.." I said.

She just looked at me, her eyes full of fear.

"Tae what are you talking about?"

"Just promise me this..please."

It was so difficult to even talk to her right now. Or even look at her. I was scared.

"Of course I promise. I love you and I always will." She said.


Bad language, sexual content(smut), heavy topics (like abuse and depression)

If you're sensitive in any way please do not read this, you have been warned.

Started on: 22.06.2017

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lildanyul lildanyul Jun 23
I know three Jennys - and they're all coincidentally Asian 😂
When ya ship the whole maknae line with each other cuz aofoakgoaofos but yes vmin godbless
Hahahahah........tbh , like my friends 😒😒😒😒😒😒