Scarlett Stains

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savannah By diasateroloqy Updated 3 years ago
"My sins have stained me so red that I need not be named Scarlett, but something darker, deeper."
    Scarlett Fox isn't little innocent Scarly anymore. 
    Being bullied up until 10th grade changed her. 
    Now she's a cold-hearted, heart-breaking, down right mean girl.
    But, the one guy she ever wanted still doesn't want her. She dates around, waiting for him to come around.
    But, what Scarlett doesn't realize is that the boy she has waited on didn't want her to change, and the changes she has made turn him away.
    Can Scarlett change from the seductive queen of the school back to little Scarly?
@JustLovingJesus haha :) I think Gale is much cuter though. XD
@JustLovingJesus oh really? I've never read the Hunger Games so I wouldn't know =) did you watch the movie?
Amazing! And I loved how you compared Jaxon's charm to a slug xD anyways, you need to upload soon girl! :) oh and I also love the cover :D
I'm in love with your writing! Like seriously: I. Love. It. XP upload soon! I can't wait to see what happens with Scarlett and mystery boy(:
i feel honored. and warm and fuzzy inside! its really good so far :) i loovee her name, so cool, and sly.