Zero ||Black Cat - Train Heartnet||

Zero ||Black Cat - Train Heartnet||

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Lee-san/Shiro-chan By Rocklee_Toshiro1993 Updated Dec 21, 2017

She's know to be the strongest out of all of those in Chronos. So strong and even feared that the higher ups ordered that she be locked away. Only to be used when the time was dyer. She didn't ask to be the strongest, she didn't ask to be feared and most of all, she didn't ask to be apart of Chronos.

Orphaned as a young child, Sky Lim was found by Chronos member, Number II, Belze Rochefort, because he was the one who made her an orphan. Killing her parents and all those who were in the house except for her. With her history wipe clean, Chronos didn't hesitate to take in the young orphaned girl in and train her to do as she's told. It's through this training that she would become one of Chronos' greatest weapon. Giving her the ranking as Number 0. But Sky didn't want to be a pet of Chronos. She wanted to be free, like number 13, Train Heartnet. So, one night, she makes her escape and doesn't look back, Chronos won't let her go so easily. 

Train Heartnet x OC

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