Leviathan (Ereri Mermaid AU)

Leviathan (Ereri Mermaid AU)

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An Actual Trash Can By candberri Updated Jun 24


The Ackerman family has been ruling over the island of Sina ever since time began. The mighty castle has been passed down generation to generation, the empire never falling. Of course the castle has had major modern improvements. Levi Ackerman is the current King who is constantly pressured by his aged parents to get married.

The Jeager family has been ruling over the Rose Ocean surrounding Sina ever since time began. The mer have been worshipping each generation as gods and deities. Eren Jeager is the current emperor who is constantly pressured by his sister Mikasa to attack other oceans. 

Oh yeah. Also, the Ackermans and the Jeagers have been ancient enemies since time began. Any Jeager (or any merfolk) caught on land would most likely be sentenced to death. Any Ackerman (or any human) caught in the water would also most likely die a watery death.

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Yes son. Become your true self. This is who you are. You are gay for eren, and that’s how it shall be. be one with the gays, and receive inner peace.
Mr_Father Mr_Father Oct 10, 2017
*ahem* Under the sea, under the sea 🎶
                              Darling its better down where its wetter🎶
                              Take it from me🎵
                              Up on the shore they work all day
                              Out in the sun they slave away 🎶
                              While we're devoting full time to floating🎶
                              Under the sea🎵
xXLaughter-KillsXx xXLaughter-KillsXx Sep 27, 2017
Only the first chapter and he’s already embracing his inner gay... *sniff* I’m so proud...
YaoiFan_2915 YaoiFan_2915 Sep 26, 2017
I thought it said "I've found a girl you can carry" 😂😂
vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Oct 03, 2017
I can scream really high pitched to which a wine glass broke
KattTheKiller KattTheKiller Sep 26, 2017
You like men. Don't deny it.
                              You like men.
                              All the gay anime boi's: 
                              One of us
                              One of us
                              Levi: what the fu-
                              Anime gay boi's: 
                              ONE OF US
                              ONE OF US
                              O N E    O F    U S